DMI 55   Basic Skull Positioning          (12/28/2017


       Class Schedule Spring 2018

       Course Syllabus            



Midterm Period 1          

         Basic Skull Projections handout

                    Warning!!!  (An important message from the Captain!)

           Basic skull  Parts 1   Power Point

                            Part 2    Power Point

          Lab Test Positions   Midterm 1

           Lab Test Evaluation Forms


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Phantom Image Project:



          Phantom Skull Assignments 

        How to tell if  an image is diagnostic

        Phantom Image Evaluation  form


Midterm Period 2          

        Paranasal Sinuses  Handout

        Paranasal SinusPowerPt

           Mandible Handout

        Mandible PowerPt



Final Period             

        Facial, Nasal bones, Zygomatic arch, TMJ handout

           Zygomatic Arch ,Nasal bones  PowerPt

            Orbits,  TMJ's PowerPt

            Final - Lab Test Positions

            Study Guide for Lab Positioning Final