Radiology 55 Classroom Teaching Assistants!


  Sally Turcica    She's your first choice for radiographs  taken for positioning accuracy.                                                                 

                                                       Lost hair from having alopecia Universalisy-(not chemo-like everyone seems to think)

                                       Pro-   the orbitomeatal line of her actual skull matches the OML of her outer shell          

                                               (you'll see what I mean later)

                                       Con-  it looks like someone took an icepick to her sella turcica-

                                              not great for films requiring identification of sella structure,

                                              but fine for an experiment testing density or contrast


 Obama      He's the old timer of the dept.  Had an injury a few years ago

                                   Pro- his sella is intact, technique similar to Sally. Good for technique experiments.

                                   Con- his inner OML is about 12 Degrees angled up from his outer OML (think about it!)

                                   This means when you position a perfect PA, it will look like almost a Caldwell- very

                                   irritating when you are trying to learn what you did wrong with your positioning!


 Sure she looks hot, but she's all plastic!                                    Anna Nicole

 Pro- anatomy perfect - good for identifying skull anatomy for outer structures

 Con- useless for radiographs- no contrast, almost no density -

    except her brain, if she still had one-don't waste

    your time on her for anything more than a good time!



  Grannie         She ain't too cute, and could use a good dentist, but at least she's  real!

                     Pro- What you see is what you get!  Good for mandibles and optics

                                        when its helpful to see what you are trying to radiograph.

                                 Con- No brain, no soft tissue-techniques must be quite a bit lighter than with

                                        Sally or Mr. Brown.  Not good for accurate technique experiments.


     "Died" from a bullet wound to skull many centuries, yet lives on.                    Dracula

          Pro- Good for paper weight

          Con- totally useless for anatomy or any radiographic experiences.  Might

          break toe if dropped on.  Only comes out at night!




Obama Jr.         While he's younger and better lookin' than Pop, I'm afraid he just doesn't have what

 it takes inside like the old man had-  a real skull - he's plastic inside and out!




                                                 Notice the family resemblance!





The Rubberhead Twins-  Mary Kate and Ashley 



 Both very cute and nearly impossible to tell apart (they are actually fraternal twins but they sure look the same to me),

but they are both so shallow, you can see right through them!


Not great in films (they are both lousy actresses and full of silicone), they are nice for positioning, because

you can see both their exterior radiographic landmarks and their inner skull at the same time.  Cool!